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4 Best Airline To Fly To Colombia

Planning a trip to Columbia ? Making the decision to Choose The Best Airline To Fly To Colombia becomes a pivotal part for making a great travel experience. With various airline options , it becomes important to identify the best carrier having world class services and a smooth travel experience to this intriguing South American Country .There are many airlines that operate from this South American country and we are here to guide you throughout so that you do not have to worry and can travel with ease and have the best travelling experience for yourself.

Best Colombian Flight 

Among the many airlines that serves Colombia, the below mentioned are the top choices for travellers to ensure a enjoyable trip: 

  1. Avianca
  2. LATAM Airlines
  3. Viva Air
  4. Copa Airlines 
  5. Delta Airlines


When anyone is deciding on choosing the best airline for travelling to Colombia, Avianca Stands out as the top choice. Being the biggest airline in Colombia and a respected national carrier , Avainca has been facilitating journeys since 1919. This airline ensures that each and every passenger travels with a peace of mind . Avianca offers in-flight comfort and modern amenities which ensures that passengers have a pleasant journey. 

LATAM Airlines 

Wanderers who are travelling to Colombia can consider LATAM airlines as their flying partner . It is known for its excellent services and extensive network that it serves, making it the top most choice for flying . These airlines prioritise safety and constantly receive high safety ratings. On board , LATAM airlines provides comfortable seating options, entertainment choices and delicious meals and drinks options. The staff is friendly and attentive too towards the passengers.   

Viva Airlines

Viva airlines is another top pick for those planning a trip to Colombia . The Airline is very well known for its budget friendly prices without skipping safety or services .Viva airlines flies to various destinations in Colombia like Bogota, Medellin and Cali , making it easy for travellers to explore the country.  

Copa Airlines 

When it comes to flying to Colombia, Copa Airlines stands out as one of the top choices as well with having a wide- range and a strong foothold in the region. Copa Airlines provides a seamless and worry free travel experience to its passengers. The airline offers modern amenities, spacious seating options and dedication to ensure every passenger’s safety. This airline provides smooth connection to Key Colombian cities like Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Cali . It makes the travelling experience of passengers feel like a breeze. 

Delta Airlines 

Delta Airlines is yet another choice for passengers flying to Colombia and it operates on several routes to Colombia. It is one of the best airlines as it ensures that every passenger has a comfortable and enjoyable travelling experience . The airline provides a wide range of amenities like spacious searching options, in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained all through  the journey . 


Hopefully this guide might have given you some insights on the Choose The Best Airline To Fly To Colombia when it comes to travelling to Colombia . Several Airlines like Avianca, LATAM airlines, Viva Airlines, Copa Airlines and Delta airlines are some of the most significant names that pop up when it comes to flying to Colombia. These airlines cover several routes to Colombian major cities like Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Cali . These airlines provide Top-notch services to its passengers so that they can have seamless and enjoyable travelling experiences. No matter which airline you pick, travelling to Colombia will surely give you an unforgettable adventure, with thrilling experiences waiting for you in this beautiful country.

FAQ’s :- Best Airline To Fly To Colombia

  1. Avianca is one of the best airlines to fly to colombia along with other airlines like LATAM, Viva air, Copa Airlines and delta airline. 

    Avianca is one of the best airlines to fly to colombia along with other airlines like LATAM, Viva air, Copa Airlines and delta airline. 

  2. Which Colombian airline is the most reliable?

    When flying in Colombia , your best option is to use airlines like LAN Colombia, Avianca or copa Airlines .These airlines are reliable and reputable carriers.

  3. Is it better to fly into Medellin or Bogota? 

    Choosing between Medellin or Bogota can be tough, while Mede­llin has amazing weather all year round. It fe­els alive and modern. Ge­tting around is easy too,  Bogota has its historical vibe going on. Also amazing stree­t art! And it connects better to the­ rest of South America. 

  4. What cities in the US have direct flights to Colombia?

    Direct flights from United states to colombia 
                 *Fort Lauderdale ( Jetblue Airways ,Spirit) 
                 * Houston ( united) 
                 * Miami ( American Airlines, Avianca, LAN Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways)
                 * Newark ( United) 
                 * New York ( Avianca, Delta, United Airlines, US Airways) 


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