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JetBlue Name Correction Policy: 5 Key Points to Remember

Are you stuck with a flight ticket with the wrong spelling of your name? Or you got married and you have your previous surname on the ticket? Don’t worry JetBlue has got you covered. Following the simple steps of JetBlue’s name change or correction policy you can do that. If you are wondering about JetBlue Airlines’ name change or correction policy and fee, we have listed all the steps and rules you need to know about JetBlue’s policy. 

Getting To Know JetBlue’s Name Change Policy 

JetBlue always comes forward in providing its customers the best facilities and the name change policy is no different. There are certain situations in which JetBlue allows customers to make name corrections or changes to their reservations. These changes can include errors, discrepancies between the name of reservations, or legal name changes along with passengers’ identification documents. 

However, it is important to know that these changes only occur in cases of genuine errors or changes. Therefore it is advisable to know the name change policy before applying for the changes. It is also important to note that name change is not possible after you have purchased the ticket, whereas name correction is possible even after purchase. 

Rules Surrounding JetBlue Name Change Policy

JetBlue has some rules and policies that you need to abide by to change or correct your name. These rules are mentioned below: 

  • Ticket Purchase: A name change is possible if you have purchased the ticket from JetBlue. 
  • PNR: The passengers are allowed to correct mistakes in the original PNR. If that’s not the case you have to initiate a new booking. 
  • Spelling Mistake: If you are concerned about a minor mistake in your name, then you don’t need to worry. JetBlue offers free-of-charge service when it comes to small typographical errors or minor mistakes that don’t affect a person’s identity. 
  • Legal Name Change: You can change your legal name if you are getting married, or getting a divorce, or any other legal reason. But to proceed to your request you need documents like a marriage certificate or court order. JetBlue can approve or decline your request after assessing your documents. 
  • Gender Change: If a passenger has undergone a gender change surgery and wishes to change their name, JetBlue allows them to after assessing their documents. They must provide court orders or identification documents.
  • Timing Of Request: JetBlue urges you to apply for a name change request as soon as possible, as it may take time to process the request. JetBlue works under specific timeframes and deadlines, this request is in particular for flights departing soon. Those who come with a request late may have to pay additional fees or their request may not be accommodated due to time constraints.
  • Fees For Name Change: JetBlue may apply a certain fee to your name change request, this fee depends on urgency, type of name change, whether it’s before or after ticket purchase, and your fare. You can enquire about these charges from the customer support team. 

JetBlue’s Name Change Process: 

JetBlue allows you various methods to change your name. According to your convenience, you can choose either an online or offline method to change your name. We have listed the methods to change your name below. 

  1. Changing Name Through Website

To change your name through an online method is simple, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • You have to open the official website of JetBlue. Then you have to go to my trips section located on the homepage itself. 
  • The page that opens wants you to correctly fill in all the details which also includes the confirmation code and last name. 
  • Now that you have provided all the necessary details click on the “Find Flight” option. After clicking on this option you have to select the “ Modify” option. 
  • To continue you have to choose the “JetBlue Change Name Online” option. Now you have to make the important changes and then submit related legal documents. 
  • After submitting, click on continue. 
  • Now pay for the changes that you have filled in. Your new boarding pass is ready and you can print it. 

You can also use the live chat option available on the website. Mention your details like name, ticket number, what is your query, and why you want to change it. The chat executive will respond to your query after some time and after that, you can follow instructions to change your name. 

  1. Changing Name Through Customer Care

This method is in offline mode and you have to call the customer care number to make the changes. You can call the customer support of JetBlue through

 +1-800-538-2583. If you are looking for quicker solutions then you can call this number +1 800-865-1848 to talk to a travel expert and receive expert help. 

The offline method is considered to be the best to make any kind of corrections to your name. You can connect to them via phone call and tell them about your needs and also mention why you need to make such changes. 

The executive will ask you about your boarding pass details then they will ask you to submit your legal documents. After you have submitted the documents, the executive will analyze them process your request, and initiate the booking of a new boarding pass. 

  1. Changing Name Through Mobile App

You can also correct your name through JetBlue’s mobile application. You have to download it and it will guide you throughout your name-changing process. 

  • Firstly, you have to sign in to the application. Then you have to click on the JetBlue Manage Booking Option. 
  • You have to provide all the details like name, ticket number, etc. Then choose what you want to modify, whether it’s name, seat number, etc. Then select the change name. 
  • Lastly, you have to change the name according to the application’s instructions. 
  • Now confirm the changes and request a new reservation with the corrected details. 

JetBlue’s Name Change Fees

If you want to change your name you can do it only once, for multiple changes you have to pay a name-changing fee. The fee depends on various factors but we have mentioned the general fees levied below. 

  • The basic seat passengers have to pay $100 per name change request but this charge can change to $200 on flights other than the USA, Mexico, and Central America. 
  • If you are traveling in Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Refundable, Blue Extra, Blue Plus Refundable, Mint, and Mint Refundable, you can make changes by making a fare difference. 
  • Passengers who are using the offline mode to make changes to their name have to pay $50 or more, that all depends on the fare type. 

Wrapping Up 

JetBlue stands first in helping its customers through its services. In this article, we have highlighted JetBlue Airlines’ name change or correction policy and fee. Even if the airline provides you with the facility to change your name, you should check twice before submitting your booking to save both you and the airline the hassle of redoing the booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions About JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy Or Correction Policy And Fee

What are the eligibility criteria for JetBlue Airlines name change policy? 

Usually the airlines allow the name change in case you have misspelt your names. A name change is also allowed if your legal name has changed. 

Are there any fees for JetBlue’s Airlines name change policy?

If you intend to make small changes like correction of misspelt name than airline does not incur any fees. But in cases of major mistake or you have to change your entire name then additional fees may be applied. 

How many times are the passengers allowed to change their name? 

You are allowed to change your first name to last name without any charge in around 48 hours of filling the passengers details. You can change upto three characters of your name per 48 hours for each passenger. 

Are there any limitations to changing your name to JetBlue Airlines? 

Yes, JetBlue may impose limitations on the number of times you are allowed to make a change to your name. You may also be restricted on the type of change you’re going to make. Therefore it is advisable to read JetBlue’s name change policy. 

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